Catholic Coalition of New Mexico Voters Guide

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Party Candidate Result  
D Tom Udall Did not respond
District Party Candidate Result  
1 D Michelle Lujan Grisham Did not respond
1 R Michael H Frese Did not respond
2 D Roxanne "Rocky" Lara Did not respond
2 R Steve Pearce ENDORSED
3 D Ben R. Lujan Did not respond
3 R Jefferson L. Byrd ENDORSED
Party Candidate Result  
D Gary K King / Debra A Haaland Did not respond
R Susana Martinez / John A Sanchez ENDORSED
Party Candidate Result  
D Hector Balderas Did not respond
R Susan M. Riedel Did not respond
Party Candidate Result  
D Maggie Toulouse Oliver Did not respond
R Dianna J. Duran ENDORSED
Party Candidate Result  
D Tim Eichenberg Did not respond
Party Candidate Result  
D Ray Bennett Powell Did not respond
R Aubrey Dunn ENDORSED
Party Candidate Result  
D Timothy M Keller Did not respond
Robert J Aragon Did not respond
District Party Candidate Result  
1 D Alfred Gordon Glass, Jr Did not respond
1 R Rodney D. Montoya ENDORSED
2 D Nathan E Thompson Did not respond
2 R James R. J. Strickler ENDORSED
4 D Harrison Todacheene Answered
4 R Sharon Clahchischilliage ENDORSED
7 D Teresa K.E. Smith De Cherif Did not respond
7 R Kelly K Fajardo ENDORSED
8 D Frank A Otero Answered
8 R Alonzo Baldonado ENDORSED
14 D Miguel P Garcia Did not respond
14 R Robert W. Chavez ENDORSED
15 D Emily A Kane Did not respond
15 R Sarah Maestas Barnes Did not respond
16 D Antonio "Moe" Maestas Did not respond
16 R Johnny F Luévano, Jr. ENDORSED
20 D Josh R Anderson Did not respond
20 R James Mitchell Dines Did not respond
22 D John M Wallace Did not respond
22 R James E. Smith ENDORSED
23 D Catherine A. Begaye Did not respond
23 R Paul A Pacheco ENDORSED
24 D Elizabeth L. Thomson Did not respond
24 R Conrad D. James ENDORSED
25 D Christine Trujillo Did not respond
25 R Marianne Costello ENDORSED
26 D Georgene Louis Did not respond
26 R Louis Tafoya ENDORSED
27 R Lorenzo A. Larrañaga ENDORSED
27 William B Pratt Answered
29 D Ronnie Martinez Did not respond
29 R David Edward Adkins ENDORSED
30 D Robert M. Coffey, Jr Did not respond
30 R Nate Gentry Did not respond
32 D Dona G. Irwin Did not respond
32 R Tom Bill Black ENDORSED
33 D Bill Mccamley Did not respond
33 R Neal L Hooks ENDORSED
35 D Jeff Steinborn Did not respond
35 R Betty J Bishop Did not respond
36 D Phillip M Archuleta Did not respond
36 R Andrew Andy Nunez ENDORSED
37 D Joanne J Ferrary Did not respond
37 R Terry H Mcmillan ENDORSED
38 D Terry D. Fortenberry Did not respond
38 R Dianne Hamilton ENDORSED
39 D Rodolpho S Martinez Did not respond
39 R John L. Zimmerman ENDORSED
40 D Nick L Salazar Did not respond
40 R James R Gallegos ENDORSED
43 D Stephanie Garcia Richard Did not respond
43 R Geoff Rodgers Did not respond
49 D Erik Gale Hawkes Did not respond
49 R Don Tripp ENDORSED
50 D Matthew Mcqueen Did not respond
50 R Vickie S. Perea ENDORSED
53 D Mariaelena Johnson Did not respond
53 R Ricky L Little ENDORSED
55 D Christy K Thomas Did not respond
55 R Cathrynn N Brown ENDORSED
57 D Donna I Tillman Did not respond
57 R Jason Carl Harper ENDORSED
59 D Richard D Mastin Did not respond
59 R Nora Espinoza ENDORSED
60 D Linda Sanchez Allison Did not respond
60 R Tim Lewis ENDORSED

Explanation of Rating System While there are a number of pro-life/pro-family incumbent candidates running unopposed, the CCNM Voter Guide evaluates only those candidates in contested races. CCNM prepared and distributed a brief candidate survey and consolidated the responses of candidates in this report. The survey questions pertained to the non-negotiable moral evils that have plunged our nation into a deep moral crisis: legalized abortion, euthanasia, same sex marriage, human cloning, and the destruction of human embryos for research; as well as denying conscience protection of individuals and entities.

Candidates were rated based on their responses to the survey, a review of the candidates’ campaign material, speeches, press interviews, public statements, political party platform and voting records as applicable. The CCNM board and political action committee also reviewed voter guides published by other pro-life and pro-family organizations, consulted with trusted pro-life/pro-family congressmen, and knowledgeable conservative citizens in districts around the state. Candidates whose responses and/or record (votes, statements, speeches) were in accord with Catholic moral principles were endorsed. In instances where a candidate’s record and statements are mostly in line with Catholic moral teaching but with exceptions while his/her opponent’s record shows an anti-life voting record and allegiance, we accept the counsel and wisdom of faithful Church leaders including Cardinal John O’Connor (r.i.p), Archbishops John Myers and Charles Chaput, and Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, who remind Catholic voters that “Where every candidate endorses positions contrary to non-negotiable principles, choose the candidate likely to do the least harm. If several are equal, evaluate them based on their views on other, lesser issues.” For more information on the principles of Catholic voting, please go to CCNM resources at